Martin Shkreli Suspended From Twitter For “Harassing” Female Teen Vogue Essay Writer

I would rather eat my own organs
— Lauren Duca (@laurenduca) January 5, 2017

While hardly considered an “alt-right” personality (despite his professed support of Donald Trump), Martin Shkreli today encountered the full fury of the Jack Dorsey social media apparatus scorned, when his Twitter account was suspended. The suspension, reported first by The Verge, is allegedly in retaliation for Shkreli’s “targeted harassment” against freelance reporter Lauren Duca.
As Verge notes, Duca had recently made the media spotlight after penning a Teen Vogue essay titled ‘Trump is Gaslighting America’ which went viral because, ostensibly, Teen Vogue is one of the few media outlets in the US not considered “fake news” by either part of the ideological divide. She was subsequently invited to a face-off with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. That clip in turn also went viral due to Carlson’s statement that Duca should stop talking about politics and ‘stick to thigh-high boots.’ Following her media appearances, Shkreli, a professed Trump supporter, has decided to troll her.
The (sexual) tension between the two escalated last week when Duca tweeted a screenshot of a direct message from Shkreli, who in 2015 was briefly described as “the world’s most hated man” after hiking the price on an anti-parasitic drug 56 times (before it emerged that virtually every other pharma company does the same if to a slighly less shocking extent), refusing to answer questions about alleged fraud, getting arrested on charges of securities fraud (he remains free on $5 million bail), and asking celebs to listen to a rare Wu-Tang Clan album with him.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Jan 8, 2017.