This Is What Trump Should Do In The Second Debate

Last night’s debate has sparked a tsunami of conversations over who won, who looked more presidential, who coughed more, and who had bigger hands. What is more useful, however, is what can the candidates learn from this debate. Here are three readers’ comments that summed up perfectly what trump should do in the second debate.
“The_Dude” was disappointed but had some useful questions for Trump to ask…
Do your homework Donald! This isn’t a game… Does this guy prep at all or is he trying to throw it?
Question: Internet Security…you play into her hand discussing Russia and you don’t fucking mention her server.
Question: Policing…she talks “training” cops…and you don’t raise the issue of Fed overreach into local police forces?
Question: Iran..took him 3/4 if his time before mentioning $150B that will be used to build them nukes?
Question: Your taxes…hmm…I can show mine. about we discuss the taxes of the Clinton Foundation and misappropriation?

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Sep 27, 2016.