IRS Chief Requests Not To Be Impeached Despite Admitting He Misled Congress

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen expressed “regret” to Congress on Wednesday for his agency’s past mistreatment of tea party groups, but ahead of a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, the top IRS official said he has cooperated with congressional investigators “and does not deserve to be impeached.”
In his prepared remarks, Koskinen said that impeaching him would be “improper” adding that “it would create disincentives for many good people to serve” not to mention that his impeachment would “slow the pace of reform and progress at the IRS.”
Ostensibly he was refering to reform whereby conservative groups are no longer targeted by the IRS under due political pressure.
His request to remain at the IRS took place even as Koskinen acknowledged that the IRS bungled tea party applications, and that he himself gave wrong information to Congress. As the Washington Examiner reported earlier, at a hearing designed to lay the ground for his possible impeachment, Koskinen pulled the John Stumpf defense, suggesting he was let down by his subordinates, who allowed hundreds of backup tapes to be destroyed, losing tens of thousands of emails from former senior executive Lois Lerner.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Sep 21, 2016.