Cash Is an Asset Class

In this issue, I’m going to talk about something you never hear about on financial TV: the wisdom of holding cash.
But before we get to that, I’d like to briefly talk about the brand-new issue of Street Freak we published just two days ago.
There’s a mega-trend among investors – and it’s so ubiquitous, you probably don’t even know it’s a trend. (I’m tempted to call it a ‘fad.’)
This trend was started by academics, was then perpetuated by some of the smartest money managers in the world, and has since then completely taken over the psychology of the retail investor.
As a hardcore contrarian, when I see an omnipresent fad like this, it tells me that the time has come to run, not walk, the opposite way. To that end, we’re recommending a stock in this month’s Street Freak issue that seems to have nothing going for it right now. But it might just be the next big thing – or at the very least, it might prevent you from getting flushed.
To encourage you to join us in this ‘counter-trend’ investment, we’re lowering the subscription fee for a few weeks again. Until September 30, you can get Street Freak at a 33% discount, for just $199 a year.
I suggest you take advantage of this offer and just cancel for a full refund if you don’t like what you see. You have 90 days to do it. But do it soon, as long as the September issue is still hot off the press.
Now on to the issue.
Cash Is an Asset Class
Let’s start off with a game of ‘name that chart.’

This post was published at Mauldin Economics on SEPTEMBER 15, 2016.