Hillary Is Done

Hillary’s campaign ended today with the now-infamous all-on collapse that the spin doctors are now claiming was due to “pneumonia” she “was diagnosed with Friday.”
Yeah, sure it was.
But you know what? It doesn’t matter, really, whether that’s a lie or not.
Facts aside, optics matter in politics. The one place you cannot have a wipe-out of this sort is on the grounds of a terrorist attack 15 years ago, after saying the President must be “solid as a rock” in an attack on your opponent a few days earlier, then literally collapsing and having to be stuffed into a Vanbulance like a side of beef during a service to honor the dead.
The one thing the President must do is present the persona of Superman/woman. It’s never true, of course; a President can die like everyone else but that is what everyone wants to believe and buys in a Presidential election. There is no place the presentation of that persona matters more than on the ground where a bunch of muslim nutjobs murdered 3,000 people during a service to honor the dead and remember the events of the day 15 years ago.
To display your own mortality to the point that you’re unable to stand and appear to have lost consciousness on such a day, in such a place, is fatal to a candidate’s run for President.
The fact is that Hillary lost the election today, and it was lost irretrievably.

This post was published at Market-Ticker on 2016-09-11.