Janet Yellen Is Choosing the President: Rate Hike Would ‘Give Trump the White House’

The next president is not being determined by voters, but by the elite.
More specifically, it has been the economic data that has swung more than a few of the 20th Century elections, with good times solidifying the incumbent, and bad times ushering in a new face.
Right now, the way this economic data is handled and presented is being largely determined by the Federal Reserve and central bank action in general. The market has signaled for a policy change, but that change has been forestalled in order to keep up appearances.
As Michael Covel explains, Trump’s recent surge in the polls makes a Fed rate hike even less likely – especially because it could help him win, and the powers-that-be do not want that:
The odds of a Trump presidency shot higher this week. And that means the odds of a Fed interest rate hike before Election Day got lower…
The fix is in… […] I don’t see how Yellen can raise rates between now and Election Day… if Trump can win.
If she did, it would tank the stock market, nail the economy and give Trump the White House.

This post was published at shtfplan on September 7th, 2016.