Barclays Highlights “Conundrums Of A Policy Maker” – Helicopter Money Only Option Left

Over the weekend we wrote about Goldman’s “Great Dilemma“ and now Barclays offers the “Conundrums Of A Policy Maker” but the conclusions are both the same, namely that the ability of central banks and sovereign governments to control asset prices through reckless monetary and fiscal policy is reaching the end of its useful life.
Per Barclays, the “conundrum”, whereby every “typical” stimulus option at the disposal of central banks has been stretched to its absolute max, leads to only one logical conclusion when the next exogenous market shock threatens bubbly asset prices and calls for central banking action: helicopter money.
As Barclays points out, economic stimulus from central bank rate policies were “maximized” long ago with over $13 trillion of sovereign debt now trading with negative yields.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Sep 7, 2016.