Energy’s Trillion-Dollar Ticking Time Bomb

Upon occasion, my responsibilities these days have a way of dovetailing into what I used to do for a living. Today, it’s happening again.
My professional career in the U. S. intelligence community was in counterintelligence (CI). This involved watching the other guys and making it difficult for them to penetrate either the intelligence organization itself or the broader apparatus of American government and private sector decision-making.
These days, the more visible counter operation involves the one against terrorism. Here, the objective is to track down, prevent, or limit those who are bent on attacking targets, usually civilian and increasingly ‘soft’ (those having little protection), to undermine our society and our way of life.
I had little connection to counterterrorism throughout most of my professional life… until quite recently. Life has a strange way of coming about in circles.
To show you what I mean, let me first explain something else…

This post was published at Wall Street Examiner by Dr. Kent Moors – August 1, 2016.