2015 Ends With a Stratospheric P/E Multiple Of 23x

The Q4 earnings season is over and the numbers are in the bag. The GAAP numbers that is, not the non-GAAP garbage that lately everyone from Warren Buffett, to Factset, even to the SEC (and of course this site since 2013) has been bashing.
We wonder if they will continue bashing the GAAP numbers once they learn what they are, because as the charts below show, the earnings carnage on a real, unadjusted is simply unprecedented. Case in point: Q4 GAAP EPS just dropped even more from our previous estimate, and using IBES data, it is now down from 21 to 19.7, the lowest quarterly print since Q1 2010 when GAAP earnings were just 19.4 (and when the S&P was roughly half where it is now).

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 03/28/2016.