Is It Time To Buy Precious Metals?

I am often asked the above question several times each day. It looks like a triple bottom is shaping up in the near future. Gold is getting close to its cost of production. The gold/silver ratio is going higher indicating that silver is the better value of the two at present. But sitting back and taking a look at the big picture consider the following top 10 list:
Growth of the Federal Government. The followers of Lord Keynes have the controls of power firmly in hand. A larger central government = larger central power (central planning) = larger drag on the real economy. Ask any small businessman (if you can still find one) about the costs of taxes, regulations and licenses. Federal debt. Extinguishing debt is mathematically impossible with our system of money / debt. The biblical Jubilee called for all debt to be cancelled every 50 years so that excess debt could be washed out; otherwise one person would end up owning everything with enough time. Our federal debt is officially listed as $18.2T based on a cash accounting system. (Based on GAAP the debt is estimated at $100T more or less.) Our entire yearly federal budget is only $3.8T. Our yearly national GDP is only $17.5T. Private / corporate debt. Since 2007 private, corporate & financial debt is down by about 50% of GDP. However, the federal government has increased their debt by about 33% of GDP. While most households and businesses are trying to get their financial houses in order the federal government debt is rocketing higher (classical Keynes reaction). All this additional public debt is causing a drag on the real economy. If interest rates rise from the present record low rates we will find ourselves in big trouble. That is a bet I would not make.

This post was published at Gold-Eagle on September 27, 2014.