Precious Metal Investing


There are a few different ways to invest in precious metals. Each investor needs to give serious thought to these ideas and select the option(s) that best suit their own needs.

Below is a quick reference to different investment vehicles available to the average investor interested in the precious metals market.

Investment Vehicle Description
Physical Silver
Physical Metal
Buying physical precious metals requires the investor to take delivery of their gold and/or silver bullion in coin or bar form. This also requires self-storage (using either a home-safe or a bank safety-deposit box). Every serious precious metals investor should have at least some percentage of their entire investment portfolio in this form of physical ownership.
Online Storage
Online Storage
The world wide web makes it possible to do online investing as well as purchase and remotely store precious metals. For those investors that are unable to personally store their metal, this option can be extremely convenient. With the added benefits of having global access to storage facilities in the U.S., Europe and Asia, this option can also build in geographical diversification – always a good thing in today’s political climates.

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Precious Metal ETFs
There are Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) which trade just like stocks in the stock market. These are by far the most convenient, but also perhaps a bit more volatile than the actual physical market itself. This method of investing should not truly be considered an investment in the physical metal, since delivery of the metal would be difficult for most investors.
Mining Companies
Mining Companies
If you’re ultra-wealthy and you want to preserve that wealth, it can be extremely difficult to acquire all the physical metal your money can buy. This is mostly because hitting the market with huge buy orders can make the price spike up and upset the market. For this reason, the elite classes usually buy up their own mining companies. The smaller investor can still participate via publicly offered shares in large, mid and small-cap mining companies listed on stock-exchanges.