What Bubble? Silicon Valley Homes Going For Nearly $2 Million Over Asking Price

If you’re still holding out hope that the following chart is anything but another massive housing bubble in the making then you should probably ignore the disturbing evidence to the contrary that we’re about to present below…
Back in 2005/2006, one of the key signs that housing markets across the country were overheating was the number of houses that, thanks to soaring demand from speculators, were suddenly selling at prices well in excess of their asking price. That said, as a local CBS affiliate in San Francisco points out, the premiums of 2005/2006 pale in comparison to homes in Silicon Valley today that are selling for as much as $1-$2 million over their original asking prices.
But if you thought they area housing market couldn’t get any more outrageous, consider a home on Colorado Avenue in Palo Alto.
It listed for $2.9 million, but sold for $3.9 million, $1 million over asking price.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Dec 20, 2017.


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