Amtrak And Trump

It’s not looking good for the President this morning on the Amtrak wreck near Seattle.
Yesterday there was some reason to believe that there had been an obstruction of some sort on the track (possibly deliberately placed.) Today, however, it’s a bit different, aided by some pictures of course.
The cause now appears to be quite-clear — there is a 30mph zone right at the bridge. The reason is not “bad track” or “poor infrastructure”, it’s a curve.
It has been reported that the train went through there at 81mph. The “good track” speed limit for Amtrak on most modern, improved rail and roadbed is 79mph, which is right at the speed the train was traveling.
The problem is that the engineer ignored the 30mph zone, came around the corner at 80mph and physics took over.

This post was published at Market-Ticker on 2017-12-19.


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