Proctor & Gamble Concedes Proxy Fight, Names Nelson Peltz To Board

Two months after narrowly losing a proxy vote that would have granted him a seat on Proctor & Gamble’s board, Trian’s Nelson Peltz has somehow managed to win a crucial battle in the largest and most expensive corporate proxy battle in modern history.
To wit, the consumer-products giant announced Friday that it would add Peltz to its board, according to the Wall Street Journal. The company said it would add Peltz to the board beginning March 1.
P&G’s stock, which has lagged the broader market this year, rose over the summer after Peltz started his proxy fight. Shares tumbled on Oct. 10, the day Peltz lost his proxy vote at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in Cincinnati.
Afterwards, Peltz revealed that he intended to challenge the results of the narrow vote in court.
Trian is disagreeing with the P&G and is to challenge the count… ‘According to our proxy solicitors, today’s vote is too close to call and it will take more time to determine the outcome. We await the certified election results by the independent inspector of election. Trian is pleased with the support we have received from shareholders and all of the nation’s independent proxy advisory firms. We believe shareholders’ voices are being heard at P&G today, thanks to Trian’s involvement.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Dec 15, 2017.