How Many Bites?

How many bites at the apple do you get?
This is quite important, and today’s the day Alabama decides who takes Jeff Sessions’ place in the Senate.
But as you vote today if you live in Alabama remember this: There should be exactly one bite per election cycle and claim.
We know, at this point, that one of Moore’s accusers forged the yearbook signature. She claims only in part, but it wasn’t an “annotation” it was a forgery because she claimed originally that everything written there was Judge Moore’s. Now she admits she forged part of it.
In other words the accuser has admitting to lying.
What we do not know is what else she lied about. There is evidence that she lied about everything else, but we can’t prove that. We don’t need to. The standard of impeachment of a witness or claimant is that if any material component of their claim is proved to be a lie then everything material linked to that must be disregarded.

This post was published at Market-Ticker on 2017-12-12.