It’s More Than Just The Absence of Acceleration, It’s The Synchronization Where There Should Be None

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According to the latest ECB figures, as of yesterday total ‘liquidity’ added to the European banking system for that central bank’s ongoing monetary ‘stimulus’ was just shy of 2 trillion. The outstanding balance in the core current account (reserves) held on behalf of the banking system was 1.296 trillion. In the deposit account, banks are holding 686 billion at -40 bps in ‘yield.’
To create all these euro-denominated numbers, the European Central Bank through its constituent National Central Banks (NCB) has purchased 2.21 trillion through its three main active LSAP’s (Large Scale Asset Purchases): the PSPP, or QE, which buys up sovereign bonds and is the reason for running them through the NCB’s (out of original concern exactly who would bear any default risk); the CBPP3, or the third time the ECB has bought covered bonds from banks; and the Corporate Sector Purchase Program which is self-explanatory.
The numbers given above don’t appear to balance because of the way all this stuff is accounted for. The NCB transactions of QE and other material operations actually subtract from the ECB’s asset side because it isn’t doing them, becoming instead -1.21trillion in so far accumulated autonomous factors. On the other side, the liability side of the simple balance sheet, there are outstanding 769 billion in normal liquidity operations (OMO) at the MRO.

This post was published at Wall Street Examiner by Jeffrey P. Snider ‘ November 30, 2017.


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