Critical Threats To 2017’s Bull Market – Part 2: Over-hyped Risks?

With The Donald J. Industrial Average surpassing new record highs every day, questioning this bull market’s continued existence remains heresy outside of dark little corners of the internet.
However, continuing his series, Bloomberg’s macro strategist Mark Cudmore dares to mention a few of the more prescient ‘known unknowns’ that could hamper the meltup for the rest of the year… and in the case of today, some that may not.
Via Bloomberg,
Overhyped market risks provide just as many trading opportunities as genuine ones. It’s crucial to delineate what matters and when.
Yesterday’s piece highlighted threats that could cause a material correction before year-end.
Today’s column argues that other oft-cited concerns can be safely ignored for the moment.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Oct 18, 2017.