Why It Doesn’t Matter Who the Next Fed Chair Is

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Financial media pundits have been breathlessly speculating lately about who the next Fed chair will be.
Yellen again? Will it be Cohn? Warsh? Or… somebody else?
I’m sure it’s something that you, like me, have been spending sleepless nights thinking about.
Well… maybe not.
But the media needs a ‘topic du jour’ to get us all to watch the birdie and divert us from the only fact that matters…
That the Federal Reserve is getting ready to knock the markets for a serious loop. The ‘fix’ is in. That outcome is inevitable.
Still, this horse race the media has set up (‘Who will win?!’) is pretty entertaining. So I’m going to handicap it for you.

This post was published at Wall Street Examiner by Lee Adler ‘ October 14, 2017.