Eric Peters: “If Everyone Carried An S-400 To Work And Church, The World Would Be A Safer Place”

Unlike every other weekend, today One River’s Eric Peters has truncated his weekend notes following a knee arthroscopy (“it went fine, thanks for asking”) and to demonstrate the impact of opioids on American productivity, Peters “banged out an overall, some nerdy numbers and an old anecdote. Nothing more.”
Here is his latest “overall.”
‘I went to buy me another goddamn bump stock,’ shrieked the mentally retarded, Prozac-popping American on the Federal no-fly list, terrified it might be his last chance. ‘But the price jumped on me faster than you can say NRA.’
You see, bump stocks were quickly out of stock. That’s what happens when you threaten to regulate something, anything.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Oct 8, 2017.