After Losing Millions To Nigerian Scammers, A Bankrupt Boris Becker Is Liquidating His Assets

It has already been one of the most remarkable rags to riches and then back to rags – with a bankruptcy on top – stories ever, and it is getting more bizarre by the day.
Three months ago, we reported that while Boris Becker was a legend on the tennis court, when it comes to investing, he appears to have shared an advisor with Johnny Depp.
Becker shot to fame when he won Wimbledon aged just 17 and went on to win a total of six Grand Slam titles, including a further two Wimbledon titles, two Australian Opens, and a US Open crown, before retiring in 1999 aged just 31 and moving into business. Alas, here the fairy tale ends, and according to claims in the German media, Boris Becker may have lost a substantial portion of his roughly 50 million fortune in part because of questionable investments in the Nigerian oil industry.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Oct 7, 2017.