Fed Admits The Failure Of Prosperity For The Bottom 90%

As the stock market hits all-time highs in its 2nd longest bull market run in history, the lift of asset prices has surely lifted the economic prosperity of all. Right?
Not really.
New reports from the Hamilton Project and The Federal Reserve show the real problems facing Americans today.
First, the Hamilton Project as noted by Pedro Nicolaci Da Costa last week:
‘An expansion that began, believe it or not, more than seven years ago has extended a longer-run trend of wage stagnation for the average US worker, despite a sharp drop in the official unemployment rate to 4.4% from an October 2009 peak of 10%.
No wonder the recovery seems so lopsided, particularly given economic inequality levels not seen since before the Great Depression. After adjusting for inflation, wages are just 10% higher in 2017 than they were in 1973, amounting to real annual wage growth of just below 0.2% a year, the report says. That’s basically nothing, as the chart below indicates.’

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Oct 2, 2017.