The Priests of Medicine Are Naked and Scared

Oh my, someone’s getting nervous!
A leading cardiologist has unleashed a blistering attack on “statin denial,” which he calls “an internet-driven cult with deadly consequences.”
An Internet-driven cult eh?
In an editorial in Annals of Internal Medicine, Steve Nissen (Cleveland Clinic) expressed grave concerns over statistics showing that only 61% of people given a prescription for a statin were adherent at 3 months. “For a treatment with such well- documented morbidity and mortality benefits, these adherence rates are shockingly low. Why?” he asks.
Uh, I think not.
Alarmingly, an assessment of industry-sponsored RCTs showed the median increase in life expectancy for selected participants in secondary prevention trials who adhered to taking statins every day for several years was a mere four days[11].
For those who don’t know what “secondary prevention” means it means you already had a heart attack.

This post was published at Market-Ticker on 2017-08-25.