We Sang Dirges in the Dark

I typically stay away from politics in The 10th Man. Besides, you probably get enough of it on Facebook!
I only study politics recreationally, so I feel that I only have a recreational grasp of it. I have a lot of respect for the very smart and incisive political pundits.
But I don’t stare at politics every day. I stare at markets every day, and I am pretty comfortable saying that my knowledge of markets is smarter and more incisive than most people’s.
And you know what I have noticed about markets lately? They don’t care about Trump.
When Merck CEO Ken Frazier stepped down from the President’s Manufacturing Council on account of Trump’s remarks on Charlottesville, did you see Trump’s reaction?
That sounds like a direct threat of litigation to me. You know what Merck stock did in response?

This post was published at Mauldin Economics on AUGUST 17, 2017.


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