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2017 08 10

04:00REALIST NEWS - Silver up nearly 50 cents in a day! Gold pops up $16
REALIST NEWS - What's Keeping Italy's Government Debt from Blowing Up?
05:00Tom Lee: “Bitcoin Will Be The Best Performing Asset Through Year End”
The Secret History Of The Banking Crisis
07:00What Went Wrong With the 21st Century?
Mattis Warns Kim: “You Will Lose, Your People Will Be Destroyed”
Inflation Spikes Most since 2008 in Mexico. Bad Timing
09:00World Markets Slide Spooked By Latest N.Korea Statement; Dollar, Gold, Oil Jump
Despite Record Stock Markets, Almost Half of Americans Own No Stocks
Blue Apron Bloodbath – From ‘Hero’ To ‘Mark It Zero’
11:00As VIX Explodes, A Painful Warning: The Vega Of VIX ETFs Has Never Been Higher
What Happens If We Get a Recession?
Gold, Energy & Stocks (video)
An Insane Bond Market In 4 Charts: “Italian Junk Bonds Yield Less Than US Treasurys”
Sen. Hatch: Those Opposing More Debt 'Don't Deserve to Be Here'
Wells Chairman Out Following “Unbelievable, Outrageous” Scandal
13:00Common Objections to Capitalism | Timothy D. Terrell
Asian Metals Market Update: August-10-2017
Is The Global Stock Rally Hitting A Wall?
GSR interviews GERALD CELENTE – Aug 9, 2017 Nugget
We’re Definitely Not in a Housing Bubble
Great News America – Producer Prices Just Fell For the First Time In 11 Months
How to Cash In When the Fed's Sweetheart Deal with the World's Biggest Banks Turns Sour
Are Oil Bulls About To Be Burned Again?
15:00THE FED IS TRAPPED | Alasdair MacLeod
Fed's Facebook Page Gets Viciously Trolled
The Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle | Roger W. Garrison
Amazon Online Grocery Boom? Not So Fast...
The Market Will Fall By 50%-70% As The Petro-Dollar Comes To End: Steve St. Angelo
Gold Market Morning: August-10-2017: FOMC and North Korea
Nasdaq Tumbles Below Key Technical Support
August Top Full of Fire and Fury
Tesla Cars Aren’t As Carbon (And Taxpayer) Friendly As You Think
17:00Hard Assets that Cash Flow with Russell Gray
Puerto Rico's Housing Debt Likely To Be Paid In Full (Opposed to PR's General Obligation and Agency Debt)
Ray Dalio: With Two Potential Crises, Buy Gold In Case “Things Go Badly”
Strong 30Y Auction Stops At Lowest Yield Since October, 2nd Highest Indirects On Record
19:00SNAP Stock Just SNAPPED: Down 29% From Its March IPO
Waiting for a Buy Signal
South Korean Investors Suddenly Wake Up To Nuclear Armageddon Risks Next Door
“Black Sky Hazards”: Feds To Wargame “Widespread Power Outages” And “Cascading Infrastructure Failures”
Is Ray Dalio’s Commitment To “Radical Transparency” Hurting Bridgewater?
21:00Dow Jones News Today: Stocks Continue to Fall as North Korea Threatens 'Enveloping Fire' on Guam