The Fallacies Of The ‘Russia-Truthers’

The anti-Russia hysteria – now rivaling past Red Scares with Russians hiding under every bed – has led to factual errors in press accounts and has erased standards of political fairness.
One of the more extraordinary developments since the U. S. presidential election is that the paranoia and the grotesque disregard for facts, evidence and logic that characterized the Trump-inspired ‘birther movement’ can now be reasonably said to characterize the Left’s stance toward Donald J. Trump.
There seems to be nothing that Trump opponents will not say and no charge, however low, they will not stoop to making as long as it furthers the goal of removing Trump from office. But, alas, the liberal case against Trump rests upon little more than widely shared fictions and unsubstantiated claims about Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Jun 18, 2017.