Is Trump About to Flip-flop?

Nearly three stymying months in office, Trump strikes us as a man fixing to get something done.
First health care flopped.
And tax reform – the kind Wall Street pinned its hopes upon – may soon follow.
House Speaker Paul Ryan said yesterday that tax reform will take even longer than health care. Worse, he said Trump and Congress were actually closer on health care than on taxes.
That’s two major tests – health care and taxes – flunked. For now at least.
And so the blush comes off the peach.
But is Trump about to seek victory on another front… even if it means unintentionally aligning with ISIS?
We investigate the possibility today.
But first a check on the races…
Stocks closed lower yesterday after minutes from the Fed’s most recent confab. They suggested the Fed might soon start paring back its market-supporting $4.5 trillion balance sheet.

This post was published at Wall Street Examiner on April 6, 2017.