Russian diplomats seem to be an endangered species, as seven officials have been found dead under mysterious or unexplained circumstances just since Election Day, and – although any link remains as yet unprovable – the deaths certainly provoke a number of questions.
1. Sergei Krivov:
First is the perplexing case of Sergei Krivov – disputably a consular duty commander at the Russian Consulate in Manhattan – died on November 8, Election Day, under perhaps the most problematic circumstances of any of the deaths listed.
Found unconscious and unresponsive on the floor inside the consulate, Krivov suffered blunt force trauma to the head – initially reported as received in a fall from the roof of the building – and passed away before emergency services could reach the scene.
Consular officials quickly backtracked that Krivov died after plunging over the building, instead insisting he’d suffered a heart attack – but the diplomat’s lack of paper trails and ambiguity from officials about his career position make the death appear to be far from ordinary.
‘That position is no ordinary security guard,’ reported BuzzFeed on Krivov’s ambiguous role at the consulate. ‘According to other public Russian-language descriptions of the duty commander position, Krivov would have been in charge of, among other things, ‘prevention of sabotage’ and suppression of ‘attempts of secret intrusion’ into the consulate.’

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on FEBRUARY 28, 2017.


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