‘The End Goal Is To Destroy The Constitution and Subvert The Country’ – How Secretive Non-Profit Organizations Erode The United States

One of the biggest problems facing this nation is the amount of money that has been ‘sequestered,’ to term it, for ‘Non-Profit Organizations,’ or ‘NPO’s.’ Why? They present a problem when they can be used by an unscrupulous individual or groups of unscrupulous individuals (for examples, a George Soros, or the Democratic Party respectively). What is an NPO? Let’s look at what they are and see if the definition is characterized by actual NPO actions.
Here is an excerpt from a book that describes NPO’s (what they should be):
‘The main financial difference between a for-profit and a not-for-profit enterprise is what happens to the profit. In a for-profit company like Ford or Microsoft or Disney or your favorite fast-food establishment, profits are paid to the owners, including shareholders. But a nonprofit can’t do that. Any profit remaining after the bills are paid has to be plowed back into the organization’s service program. So profit can’t be distributed to individuals, such as the organization’s board of directors, who are volunteers in every sense of the word.’
‘Nonprofit Kit for Dummies,’ ISBN: 0-7645-5347-X, pg. 8
Austere and stoic, these NPO’s, all! Ahh, but what is conveniently left out is the salary portion…for the directors. Those salaries are written off as an operating expense by the ‘Non-Profit,’ but they’re hardly the funds gleaned by a ‘simple volunteer for the beneficent NPO.’ Another paragraph from the book shows this:

This post was published at shtfplan on February 22nd, 2017.