Man Destroys Corrupt City In Bulldozer Rampage: ‘What Happens When You Have Too Much Government Interference’

Sometimes, when you push people too far, they push back.
And that has never been more true than when a man from Granby, Colorado decided to build a homemade tank, reinforced against armaments of all kinds, and take out the institutions he saw as corrupt.
OK, sure, this happened back in 2004 – so it isn’t a recent event.
But what it does show is the level that many Americans can and will reach when they’ve had enough.
This is not a question of whether what he did was legal, or justified. No one can condone this. Instead, this is simply a matter of a man who was fed up – rightly or wrongly, he was no longer going to be pushed by his government, he was going to push back.
A news helicopter filmed much of the rampage.

This post was published at shtfplan on February 21st, 2017.


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