How Mistakes Lead to Success

‘Creative people don’t make mistakes. We make discoveries.’
I heard that quote at a hair convention years ago. I was there with my wife, who is a Paul Mitchell stylist.
The speaker was right. Great ideas often originate in unexpected places.
I like to think I’m creative. I’m also a creature of habit. One such habit: coffee at exactly 10:00 every morning.
Last Wednesday at 10:00, I went to the brewer and did what I always do: pump some vanilla creamer into a cup, place the cup in the machine, load a pod and wait.
When I pulled the cup out, the coffee was a funny color.
On tasting it, I knew instantly this wasn’t my normal blend – but it wasn’t bad. I actually liked it.
Instead of coffee, I had grabbed a tea pod. That’s how I ‘discovered’ hot tea with vanilla creamer is pretty good.
(Subsequent research revealed Asian cultures were centuries ahead of me. Hot tea milk spices = chai. I never knew.)
Mistakes like that one are amazingly valuable. They pull us out of our routine and teach us things we might never know otherwise. How can we make more of them?
One answer: Get out of the office.

This post was published at Mauldin Economics on FEBRUARY 21, 2017.


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