Gold: The Protector and Creator of Jobs

Thanks to Hugo Salinas Price Some readers may ask themselves; ‘What has gold to do with protecting jobs? Gold hoarders are certainly not creating jobs, and hoarding more gold will not help at all.’
Gold has everything to do with the loss of jobs in the US, and gold has everything to do with recovering jobs for the US economy.
Let me go back to the 60?s. During those years, the US and the world were on a Gold-and-Dollar Standard.
Back in the 60?s, countries were very careful about maintaining a constant monetary balance between their exports and their imports. They all wanted to be in a situation where they would export more than they imported, so that they would have increasing balances of gold or dollars in their Treasuries.
To state this more correctly, they all wanted to export more than they imported, except the United States.

This post was published at Deviant Investor on February 21, 2017.


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