Yemen Denies ‘Fake News’ That It Withdrew Permission For US Ground Operations

Fake news?
Yesterday evening, The New York Times reported that:
Angry at the civilian casualties incurred last month in the first commando raid authorized by President Trump, Yemen has withdrawn permission for the United States to run Special Operations ground missions against suspected terrorist groups in the country, according to American officials. Grisly photographs of children apparently killed in the crossfire of a 50-minute firefight during the raid caused outrage in Yemen.
While the White House continues to insist that the attack was a ‘success’ – a characterization it repeated on Tuesday – the suspension of commando operations is a setback for Mr. Trump, who has made it clear he plans to take a far more aggressive approach against Islamic militants.
With NYT notably remarking on President Trump’s involvement…

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Feb 8, 2017.