Rising Rates in Imploding Bond Markets

From Larry Edelson: (format slightly edited) Published by Money and Markets and Miles Franklin blogs.
‘If you give it more than 5 seconds of brain time, it’s too much. Of course, Yellen was going to raise the Fed funds rate today. Free market forces have already done it for her over the past four or so weeks.
She could no longer not raise rates any more than I could stop ISIS all by myself, dead in its tracks on a moment’s notice.
Or change today’s weather. Or any market for that matter. All of this stuff is preordained in advance by the powers-that-be, which are essentially:
Raw human emotions on a mass scale repeated over and over again in fairly regular rhythms. The world is simply a great Shakespearean play, repeated over and over again, and the only things that really ever change are the actors on the stages. Yes, I’m talking social/political/economic cycles of the strongest kinds, all now coming together almost simultaneously for the first time since the Great Depression.

This post was published at Deviant Investor on December 16, 2016.