Guest Post: Here’s Why The Banksters Are In Trouble

If the Fed were to reverse the portion of its QE in which it injected trillions onto big bank balance sheets as well as fomented a mortgage/housing bubble, the Too Big To Fails – including Goldman Sachs – would collapse. Make no mistake, it would ultimately prove to be a good thing.
However, there’s also a growing groundswell of grassroot Americans who have ‘woken up.’ Perhaps the only good attribute of the last election is that hastened the rate of enlightenment. Too be sure, the number of Americans who understand the difference between Truth and Propaganda has vastly increased.
A reader of this blog and subscriber to the Mining Stock and Short Seller Journals submitted this narrative of a recent ‘enlightenment’ experience that occurred while on a routine visit to the local barber shop. It’s worth perusing:
I’m almost speechless as a result of the experience I just had. I have just returned from getting a haircut at the local barbershop downtown. I was there along with the barber, a semi-retired gentleman who now drives a school bus part-time, and a local hay farmer. Our conversation was an absolute stunner, and provides very compelling (albeit admittedly anecdotal) evidence that the bankster elite are in BIG trouble.

This post was published at Investment Research Dynamics on December 11, 2016.


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