Goldman Sachs’ Covert Scheme to Raise Oil Prices

The elite predictors at Goldman Sachs have it all figured out again…
You know the global economic growth rate that’s stuck around a soft 3%?
Well, they have the solution to goose it higher.
What the world needs now are higher oil prices.
You read that right.
Goldman now tells you that higher fuel costs for businesses and consumers are actually good for global growth.
What they didn’t tell you is they’re even better for Goldman’s bottom line…
False Narratives
According to Bloomberg, Goldman’s analysts believe that pricier crude oil means economies like Saudi Arabia’s will take in more money than they can spend. This excess will trickle down through the financial system to the rest of the world.
Supposedly this will lead to more financial liquidity, lower interest rates, higher asset values and greater consumer confidence.
Doesn’t that sound great? Maybe to Goldman…

This post was published at Wall Street Examiner on December 7, 2016.