Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – FOMC Next Week – Little Finger and Cersei

Gold and silver gave up a little today, which was not as much as one might have expected from the little rally up in the US douleur du monde.
Gold in particular has an interesting formation in the making, and as can be seen on its chart, is approaching an area of key support.
Next week could be ‘interesting.’
I won’t assign odds to what the Fed might do next week. There are obviously two factions on the board, the hawks and the doves. Yellen is the dove-in-chief, with Fischer presumably the hawks’.
The warehouses and clearing were relatively quiet for the precious metals.
The currency war continues. That rather impressive fine levied on Deutsche Bank by the DoJ was clearly a shot in the war of some sort. Perhaps Frau Merkel is not toeing the line sufficiently.

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On This Day In Financial History

8 years ago, Lehman’s bankruptcy exposed the reality of the global financial system and equity markets collapsed. While the events of that weekend are still in many memories, we suspect few remember the events of September 16th 1929…
As S&P’s chief investment strategist, David M. Blitzer explains, On September 16th 1929, The Standard & Poors 500-stock index (calculated retroactively) hits 31.86, its peak for the Roaring Twenties bull market.

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Western Media Credibility In Free Fall Collapse – Paul Craig Roberts

Dear Readers:
This website is trusted by more people worldwide than trust the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, Fox News, BBC or any Western print and TV source. My columns are reproduced on many websites in many languages. My combined readership is many times that of the New York Times. My books are translated into Russian, Chinese, Czech, Korean, German, French, Turkish, and Spanish.
Despite the vast readership, this website is supported by a small percentage of committed readers.
If money would flow into where only truth is spoken, more could be done.
No foundations support this site. Any foundation that supported this site would be dropped from the New York and Washington dinner party list, as I have been.
This site has no advertisements despite its readership rank that would bring in advertisers. This is because I know that once the site is supported by advertisers, reader support would decline, and the advertisers would control the site. The money would be used to subvert my independence, and since that cannot be done, the site would cease and my voice would be silenced.

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Why East Coast Gas Prices Are About To Explode

As Native Americans protesters face arrest in North Dakota for blocking the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, TheAntiMedia’s Carey Wedler reports a gasoline pipeline spill is currently unfolding in the South. The leak has prompted Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam, and Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal to declare states of emergency.
The Colonial Pipeline, which runs from Houston to New York, began leaking on September 9, spilling 250,000 gallons of gasoline, or 6,000 barrels. The pipeline was built in 1962, and the current leak in Helena, Alabama, is the largest one Colonial Pipeline has experienced in 20 years, Reuters noted.

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London Bridge is Falling Down

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I just got back from a seminar in London. I spoke there late last year for Graham Rowan, who heads the Elite Investor Club. This time, my promoters in Australia, Greg Owen and Steve and Corinna Essa, decided to team up with Graham to promote a two-day ‘Secure the Future’ seminar in London.
I was more than happy to do that. I love London, even though it’s always cloudy and drizzly. But it was also a great opportunity to promote my new book, The Sale of a Lifetime (out now!), because it touches on many of the same themes I wanted to discuss with my British audience.
My first message to them was that the Brexit represents the peak of the massive globalization trend going back to the 1970s. Going forward, the UK is likely to become the safe haven of Europe because Germany’s demographic trends sink in the coming years – and the euro and Eurozone with it – just like Japan’s did in the 1990s.

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New Study Finds Taxpayers Are Fleeing New York, Illinois and California

A new demographics study, posted on, found that more tax filers are fleeing the state of New York than any other state in the country. Frankly, we’re shocked people wouldn’t want to live in a state with the highest cost of living, highest home prices, highest state income tax rate and highest property tax rate…what about the cultural benefits? We guess the bankers and hedgies have finally figured out that they can conduct their business from pretty much any location with an internet connection and then visit New York when/if necessary. Per the same study, Illinois lost the second highest number of taxpayers and California was not far behind in third.
Does anyone think it’s purely a coincidence that the darkest areas of the following maps seem to overlap and represent the states that people are fleeing at the highest rates? If so, we assume you probably also think it’s a coincidence that those very same states have been Democratic strongholds for decades.

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Gold $1307.80 down $7.20
Silver 18.80 down 16 cents
In the access market 5:15 pm
Gold: 1310.50
Silver: 18.79
The Shanghai fix is at 10:15 pm est and 2:15 am est
The fix for London is at 5:30 am est (first fix) and 10 am est (second fix)
Thus Shanghai’s second fix corresponds to 195 minutes before London’s first fix.

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Massive Sinkhole Opens In Florida Releasing Millions Of Gallons Of “Slightly Radioactive” Water

Floridians are no strangers to massive sinkholes opening up in their porous terrain often resulting in damage to surface infrastructure built on what was thought to be stable ground. But, for the latest massive sinkhole that just opened up in Mulberry, Florida, the problem isn’t what damage was caused on the surface but rather what was allowed to leak into the Floridan aquifer. Measuring in at a massive 40 feet in diameter, the latest Florida sinkhole opened up directly underneath a gypsum stack at Mosaic’s phosphate fertilizer producing New Wales facility about 30 miles east of Tampa. According to local news reports, the retention pond was holding 215 millions of gallons of “slightly radioactive” water that was also contaminated with phosphoric acid, all of which drained into the Floridan Aquifer.
As long as it’s only “slightly radioactive” then it’s probably OK.

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Jessica Alba Laughs Last After $1 Billion Offer For Her “Honest” Company

While we would never wish ill will upon anyone, particularly someone with Jessica Alba’s particular “talent”, earlier this year we must admit that we derived some comfort from a WSJ article alleging that Alba’s “Honest Company” hadn’t really been that honest in disclosing which chemicals were used to make their “non-toxic” diapers and detergents. It’s not that we took any delight in Alba’s potential failure, but we were at least relieved that future investors might be spared additional investing “opportunities” in America’s latest mania-driven bubble. Back in March we wrote the following:
Back in the summer of 2014, roughly a year and a half before the second bubble of profitless, “story”, aka “tech”, companies had burst, we wrote in dismay, that “the true indicator of just how bubbly the second coming of the dot com era has become comes courtesy of none other than Jessica Alba’s, yes the actress, own startup: a company launched in 2012 and which makes “non-toxic” diapers (as opposed to toxic diapers?), called the Honest Co., has raised $70 million at a valuation just shy of $1 billion in preparation for an IPO.” As we noted then, it looked as if the Alba bubble may have burst (as frightening as that may sound) when the WSJ released an article alleging that Alba’s company may have been using chemicals in their products that they had claimed to shun.

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Weekend Reading: Volatility Returns With A Vengeance

Submitted by Lance Roberts via,
Ironically, last week I titled the reading list ‘Market Stasis’ with respect to the 43-days of sideways market action with relatively minor price fluctuations. That publication marked the respective end of that complacency.
This past week has been anything but complacent as the volume in volatility trades have exploded simultaneously with wild swings in market price from spectacular declines to surging rebounds.

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Slow Moving Disaster In The European Banking System Revealed

This report is a condensed version of the Macroliqudity Pro Trader European Banking Report, a service of the Wall Street Examiner Pro Trader. Macroliquidity Pro subscribers , click here to download complete report in pdf format.
ECB data on bank deposits for the Eurozone shows total bank deposits down sharply in July, breaking the uptrend in force since the low in 2014. That’s shocking considering that the ECB just boosted its money printing QE programs. Deposits should be rising steadily in concert with the amount of QE, not falling. But cash extinguishment and capital flight are increasing faster than the ECB can print.
We continue to see evidence that funds are fleeing the European banks for the relative ‘safety’ of the US. My long running thesis that the US is and will be The Last Ponzi Game Standing is still well supported by the data. The looming problem is that all Ponzi schemes eventually collapse. The only question is the timing, which we deal with in other reports.

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HAHAHA: Trump Just Rick Rolled the Mainstream Media into Reporting Favorably on Him!

As my coworker Lily Dane said, ‘This election season is comedy gold.’
Regardless of whether or not you still believe in the bread and circuses dog and pony show that is our election process in this country, you have to admit, this may just be the most entertaining, downright hilarious election season in the history of the nation.

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Foreign Central Banks Sell A Record $343 Billion In US Trasuries In The Last Year

One month ago, when we last looked at the Fed’s update of Treasuries held in custody, we noted something troubling: the number dropped sharply, declining by over $17 billion, bringing the total to $2.871 trillion, the lowest amount of Treasuries held by foreigners at the Fed since 2012. One month later, we refresh this chart and find that in the latest weekly update, foreign central banks accelerated their liquidation of US paper held in the Fed’s custody account, which tumbled by $27.5 billion in the past week, the biggest weekly drop since January 2015, pushing the total amount of custodial paper to $2.83 trillion, the lowest since 2012.

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Market Talk – September 16, 2016

The strong US session ran into Asia resulting in strong performances for both the Nikkei and Hang Seng. Both closing around 0.75% higher the main pull was from financials but this is just a rebalancing from the losses they suffered earlier in the week. China remains on national holidays and so we wait until Monday to see how the Shanghai exchange deals with recent movements. In late US trading the Nikkei futures have given back todays cash gain (-0.75%) whilst the HSI trades just 0.35% lower than the close. China 300 was last seen trading at 3135 but obviously the liquidity has been extremely poor. BOJ meeting next week and there is much talk surround additional QE so worth keeping an eye on the JPY and the month end reversals levels.

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New Rasmussen Poll Reveals Dems Want Bernie If Hillary Forced Out

A new poll, conducted by Rasmussen of likely Democrat voters found that if Hillary is forced out of the presidential race over health issues that Bernie would be the most preferred replacement candidate. In fact, Bernie was preferred by over 2x more people than Joe Biden. Meanwhile, only 14% of Democrats knew who Tim Kaine was and 9% were potentially leaning towards Harambe or Deez Nuts.

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SMILE: IMF Chief Christine Lagarde to Face Trial in French Court

21st Century Wire says…
Once in while, a feel good story comes around. As we covered in our recent episode ofON THE QT @21WIRE. TV, the thought of IMF head Christine Lagarde facing trial over her $440 million pay-off to elite insider Bernard Tapie – a certain to bring a smile to many. For years, the public have had to endure watching globalist elites swooning around their jet-set circuit, from Aspen, to Wall Street, to the World Economic Forum in Davos, as they pontificate about ‘economics’, and alongside their pop culture mascots like Bono from U2 seated comfortably in their Gulfstream Jets, they claim to pedalling ‘solutions’ and that they are somehow saving the world’s poor from abject poverty.
However, Lagarde isn’t the first international bankster luminary to be led into the dock. No sooner did previous IMF head Dominique Straus-Khan announce during a speech about the ‘risks for the global economy’ and called for a new approach to economic policymaking, Straus-Khan was swiftly brought down after being accused of raping an NYC hotel maid. Later, he was dragged over the media coals for his membership to a elite VIP ‘sex party’ ring.

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There’s Lies, Statistics And Apple Corporation

Apple announced earlier this week that its ‘initial quantities’ of the new iPhone 7 had already sold out. Of course, it also announced a new policy in which it would not would disclose the first weekend sales volume of the new iPhone. Nothing like using opacity to boost the use of propaganda.
On the news that the new phone had ‘sold out,’ Apple’s stock went parabolic, running up 13.5% in four trading sessions. Coincidentally, or not coincidentally, AAPL’s price surge this week helped the Fed prop up the S&P 500 and Dow. By the way, AAPL’s revenues are now declining every quarter.

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