These days the Pentagon has been catching plenty of flak for their insanely expensive F-35 fighter jets; an aircraft which often fails to take off despite costing over $1 trillion to develop. However, the US isn’t the only Western nation that is wasting countless tax dollars on failure prone weapon systems.
The Royal Navy has just discovered that one of their most advanced and expensive warships, the Type 45, can’t operate in the Persian Gulf. Apparently, the turbines can’t cope with the 90 degree waters of the gulf. They’re not capable of redistributing that kind of heat back to the engine, which slows the turbines down, eventually leading to a complete power failure for the entire ship. In other words, when the water gets too warm, these ships are sitting ducks.
The Type 45 is controversial in Britain due to its development, which ran over budget and behind schedule. Each of the six ships that were constructed cost $1.4 billion, and are supposed to stay active for another two decades.

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on JUNE 13, 2016.