Though Chris Kyle has been lauded as a war hero by the media and the men he served with, documents obtained by the Intercept have shown that he likely exaggerated some of his achievements. According to his autobiography, Kyle received two silver stars and five bronze stars during his 10 year military career. But according to internal military documents, his real record states that he only received one silver star and three bronze stars.
Even stranger are the contents of his DD214 form, which are the separation papers he received upon leaving the military. This document normally gives an accurate representation of what a veteran achieved during his or her service, but in Kyle’s case it stands at odds with both the internal documents and the claims he made in his book. According to his DD214, he received two silver stars and six bronze stars.
At this point, it would be easy to say that these discrepancies are nothing more than a bureaucratic mishap. Perhaps the Navy mixed up some of his papers, or failed to keep track of his medals. According to the Intercept however, his embellishments were an open secret within the Navy SEAL community:

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on MAY 30, 2016.