I concluded a few years ago that once anything gets big, it goes bad. What might start out as a noble cause eventually becomes corrupt, mismanaged, and worthless. When I realized the thousands and thousands I had donated to the Catholic Church over the years was funding the priest abuse cover-up, I stopped giving and walked away from the corrupt organization run by evil men. I’ve given money to the Wounded Warrior organization. Another waste of money. The executives were partying with 50% of the contributed funds. Never give a penny to this organization again. The same goes for every large charity organization. The bigger they get, the more it is about the people running the operation.
Any organization that spends more than 10% of their funds on overhead, should be shunned. That’s why I only give to the local foodbank near my house. They directly help people in need every day. No middleman. No advertising campaigns. No massive organization. One building, a couple people running it, volunteers feeding the down on their luck, and no lavish homes and perks for executives like the Cancer scams, United Way, ALS, and a myriad of other massive bureaucracies designed to bilk you.

This post was published at The Burning Platform on 11th March 2016.