The COMEX vs. Private Gold & Silver Eagle Stocks

Investors need to realize that at some point, the highly leveraged Comex gold and silver paper trading exchange will no longer matter. Why, because future physical demand will totally overwhelm the paltry Comex precious metal inventories. This is not a question of ‘IF’, it’s only a question of ‘WHEN’.
Right now, most mainstream investors still have their eyes glued to CNBC hoping and praying that their and retirement accounts and paper investments don’t get flushed down the toilet. Unfortunately for these investors, man must still abide by the fundamental laws of nature, even though we can cheat the system for many years.
And… we are already seeing plenty of signs that the real fundamentals are finally kicking into high gear. According to the Zerohedge article, 400,000 Americans In Jeopardy As Giant Pension Fund Plans 50% Benefit Cuts:
After working 33 years, he’s facing a 55% cut to his pension benefits, a blow which he says will ‘cripple’ his family and imperil the livelihood of his two children, one of whom is in the fourth grade and one of whom is just entering high school.
Dorsey attended a town hall meeting in Kansas City on Tuesday where retirees turned out for a discussion on ‘massive’ pension cuts proposed by the Central States Pension Fund, which covers 400,000 participants, and which will almost certainly go broke within the next decade.
While this is only one small part of the United States, there are many pension plans across the country that are seriously underfunded. Regrettably, it will only get much worse going forward.

This post was published at SRSrocco Report on March 1, 2016.