How I See The Presidential Race

We have about a week before the Iowa caucuses meet.
Cruz’s support on a national basis is basically collapsing; he now trails Trump by almost half. That is, Trump has roughly 35% of the vote, with Cruz coming in at 19%. Palin didn’t do Cruz any favors with her endorsement of Trump, and in addition Cruz managed to get the Iowa governor to come out explicitly against him for his stand on ethanol.
In Iowa Cruz is down a few percent (4) from the last poll, but now trails Trump 34-23. Rubio is at 12, down 3. Absent at least one of the front-runners blowing his own brains out none of the others are in the game. Sorry Jebbie, go home and perform an anatomically impossible act; it’s what you’re best at.
In New Hampshire Trump has a commanding lead with more than double Cruz’s support.
Here’s the problem for the “establishment” Republicans — they’re running out of time and money isn’t doing them a bit of good. Trump hasn’t had to spend anything at all to get where he is while everyone else is blowing money like a Navy dude in a *****house after six months at sea — but all they have to show for it is masturbatory fantasies. Post New Hampshire as a candidate you’ve got two weeks, roughly, and then you either have the numbers to be serious or you’re done, which means we’re about four weeks out from this race being down to either two — or over.

This post was published at Market-Ticker on 2016-01-26.