Claim: ISIS Is Funding Their Operation Via Bitcoin Wallets Worth MILLIONS

A sect of GhostSec known as Ghost Security Group, an offshoot of Anonymous that many members have claimed are actually Feds, is reporting that ISIS isn’t just funding itself with black market oil from Syria, but via multi-million-dollar bitcoin wallets.
Via Techworm:
DW (Deutsche Welle) previously reported that the Islamic State is experimenting with currency, specifically gold and bitcoin. One bitcoin wallet received around $23 million in a month; anti-ISIS hackers from GhostSec followed a chain of transactions to another wallet with over $3 million in bitcoins.
Ghost Security Group confirmed to NewsBTC that ISIS is ‘extensively using bitcoin for funding their operations’ and that the group has ‘managed to uncover several bitcoin addresses used by them.’ Furthermore, bitcoin is ‘their prime form of cryptocurrency.’ No evidence was given, such as the bitcoin wallet address, as the hackers ‘cannot go into more detail at the moment on current investigations.’

This post was published at The Daily Sheeple on November 19, 2015.