Bonds Worst Run Since “Taper Tantrum” Sends Stocks To 4-Week Lows

The entire US Treasury complex surged higher in yield this week, rising 12-16bps (2Y 5bps) as the last 2 weeks are the worst for 10Y since last June’s Taper Tantrum. Despite all the ‘bonds-go-down-so-stocks-will-see-inflows’ rotation buffoonery, stocks slipped to their worst week in the last six, as hawkish Fed concerns spread through markets. High-yield credit notably underperformed and VIX pushed back above 14 (its highest in a month). The USDollar rose 0.5% – 9th week in a row (despite EUR unch on the week) led by a 3% collapse in AUD and 2% in JPY & CAD. Gold and Silver dropped 3% on the week (worst in over 3 months, lowest in 8 months to $1230). WTI prices whipped around but ended -1% at $92. Of course, because it’s Friday, the last hour saw manic VIX-selling, S&P futures buying (in 1 lots) to lift it magically off the lows to VWAP, but the S&P ended being the worst of the major US equity indices on the week (S&P <2,000; Dow <17,000).

This post was published at Zero Hedge on 09/12/2014.