Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Like a Land War In Asia

There was the usual London-New York hit applied to the precious metals earlier this morning. Nothing new in that.
There was a bit of a bounce into the close for gold, and some action in the mining stocks as well.
Shown below are the Comex reports for both gold and silver for yesterday. I thought it was funny that more gold contracts were stopped than for silver. But this is the active month for silver and not for gold!
Not that even that factoid means anything. Watching the Comex these days is like watching the magicians beautiful assistant move the boxes around on stage, while the magician executives his sleight of hand undetected.
The real markets for precious metals have moved overseas. The West is fighting a holding action in a currency war of attrition. It must be like fighting a land war in Asia. You roll out your best shock and awe, complete with media fanfare, over and over. But they are gaining ground little by little.
I know, let’s flatten our own markets and their economic integrity back to the stone age of rigged prices and perpetual fraud, executed by and for the very few while the domestic public staggers. That will show them who’s in charge: until exhaustion of lies, or the collapse of force.

This post was published at Jesses Crossroads Cafe on 11 SEPTEMBER 2014.


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